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What are Options

SPX options trading holds considerable importance in the trading world. It offers a deeper market reach to investors with its exposure to the entire S&P 500 Index. Its traders have an easier time realizing their profits since SPX options are settled in cash.

SPX options trading holds considerable importance in the trading world. It offers a deeper market reach to investors with its exposure to the entire S&P 500 Index. Its traders have an easier time realizing their profits since SPX options are settled in cash. And, best of all, SPX options qualify for a special tax rule that allows 60% of its profits to be treated as long-term capital gains regardless of how long the options were held.

Aside from these, SPX options offer great potential for managing the overall risk of your portfolio, especially if you have significant exposure to individual stocks. Here are the ways SPX options can manage the overall risk of your portfolio:

Now, reaping the benefits of SPX risk management requires you to have a consistent and high win-rate trading strategy for it. This is where All American Group can help you. Our real-time alerts, tailored strategies to your risk tolerance and goals, and advanced analytics can help you create an effective strategy while managing the risk of trading SPX options.

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The Importance of

Risk Management in SPX Trading

Although the S&P 500 Index is less volatile than an individual stock, trading SPX options still presents a significant risk to your capital. And, this volatility can dramatically increase with a significant geopolitical event, a sudden change in market sentiment, or breaking news on economic indicators to change the index’s trend and make your trading position contrary to where the market is going. To illustrate, the S&P 500 Index has daily volatility ranging from 1.27% (504 points) to 1.72% (685 points) change in daily value in 2023, but significant market events in the past 5 years increased it to a range of 9.64% to 13.31% change in daily value.

You can mitigate this volatility to protect yourself from potential pitfalls, preserve your hard-earned capital with proper risk management, and mitigate risk from adverse price movements. This can be achieved through position sizing to avoid overexposure, stop-loss orders to limit losses, and take profit orders to protect profits. You can even take this further with options trading strategies, like covered calls or puts and vertical spreads, to reduce upfront costs and potential losses.

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All American Group’s Approach to

SPX Risk Management

Through our proprietary algorithms, All American Group provides options trading strategies to our users. It does not matter if a trader has no experience or is an expert in trading SPX options. With our learning resources and proven algorithm-based strategy, they can navigate the markets and SPX options trading seamlessly while boosting the performance of their portfolio.

All American Group utilizes its proprietary algorithms in developing SPX trading strategies for our users. With us, traders do not have to research the market or enter numerous positions to get consistent results. Instead, we will provide everything they need to know to enter a potentially profitable position and manage their risk, including:

Our trading service allows you to make informed decisions without hours spent each day on market research and analysis. And, with our relaxed trading approach and timely market alerts, you can focus on what matters most in your life without having to stress about your trading positions.

Our Algorithm’s

Historical Performance So Far

Since its inception in September 2020, our algorithm Alfred has been profitable in trading SPX options. It has maintained elevated execution success rates even while testing a variety of risk factors and undergoing algorithmic improvements. It also maintains strong Sharpe ratios indicating a low risk profile with a high success rate.

To date, 93% of our algorithm’s trades have been profitable. It has consistently surpassed the performance of major indices since 2020 year on year. Here are a few details of our returns so far:

Returns as of 12/31/23

Initial Investment: $10,000
Balance (as of 12/31/2023): $257,365
Returns in Percentage: 2,473.65%

Returns Per Year

2020: 426%
2021: 159.33%
2022: 24.81%
2023: 51.44%

Take note the information above is provided for informational purposes only and without warranty of any kind. The historical performance of our algorithm does not indicate its future performance.
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Features of Our SPX Trading Platform

Real-Time Alerts

Never miss any changes in the market with our real-time alerts. Our platform monitors and analyzes the S&P 500 Index in real-time. It alerts you of any price movements and volatility spikes that arise, ensuring you never miss any changes in the market and never fail to take the necessary action.

Customized Strategies

Every trader has different financial goals and risk tolerances. We offer customizable trading strategies tailored to your individual preferences. It does not matter what your risk tolerance is, our platform empowers you to design and implement strategies aligned with your specific objectives.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence. You can make smarter trading decisions by receiving our platform’s cutting-edge data analysis on market trends and trading opportunities.

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