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Alfred Basic:

At 9:15 Alfred will start running. If Alfred decides to trade later in the day, a message will go out at 9:14 stating such.

At 9:30 (or whatever start time is determined) Alfred will start analyzing the current market and send out a notification on the market direction and its initial reference points for puts and calls

At 9:35 (or 5 minutes after start time) Alfred will re-determine the market direction and reference points. At this time, Alfred will begin to execute a trade based on this criteria. Once a trade is filled, Alfred will notify you of the short and long leg of the position and the net credit for the trade.

Since we design most of these trades to expire worthless at 4:00, there is no exit notification. For times when the market goes against our trade, a warning and possible exit notification will be sent out (for Premium members only).

Alfred Premium:

All the notifications of Alfred Basic plus a Warning Level graph at 9:15 (or whatever start time is determined). The warning levels go from low-medium-high-critical. This will help gauge the current volatility of the market.

The rest of the notifications are the same as the Basic Plan.

As a Premium member, you will also receive exit notifications, should they become necessary.

The exit notifications will start with a warning stating the exit strategy has been activated. At this time, we remain in the position as Alfred analyzes the market on a 1 second interval. (Keep in mind, everyone’s risk tolerance is different and you can exit at any time. Even before any warnings are given, if you see fit or will no longer be able to monitor the trade.) During Alfred’s constant analysis, it will issue 3 warnings if certain criteria are met. The reason for 3 warnings is because sometimes there is a change in the market, but then it reverses making our trade profitable again. This helps us from exiting trades too soon. Upon the 3rd warning, Alfred will exit the trade and send out that notification. Occasionally, the market will move so fast, that 3 warnings will not be triggered. In this instance, Alfred will exit immediately and send out that notification.

Trading options is very risky and the market can move very fast. You need to be able to keep an eye on your trade throughout the day. If your schedule does not permit that, you may want to sit out and trade when you have more availability. All American Group is not responsible for any losses you may have. All notifications are for informational and educational purposes only. Trade at your own risk.


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