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Follow These Simple Steps

Step 01

Download the FREE Telegram App

Step 02

Locate Your Telegram Chat ID Number

Step 03

Subscribe Now

Click “Subscribe” below and fill out all the necessary information making sure to include your Telegram ID as that is how you will receive your notifications. Once you have become a subscriber, you will start receiving our notifications the next trading day. All American Group sends out notifications on MOST trading days.


Step 04

After you register Sign Up for Notifications

If you registered for the Alfred-Basic or Alfred-Premium trial and provided the correct 10-digit Telegram Chat ID during the registration, then you will start receiving notifications directly in this chat on the next trading day. 

If you do not start receiving notifications on the next trading day, please email us at

NOTE: Orders received before 5pm EST will start receiving notifications the next trading day. Orders received after 5pm EST will need one additional trading day before receiving notifications.
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