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Historical Performance

Alfred's Profitability

From 9/21/20—12/31/23

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Since inception, 93% of Alfred’s trades have been profitable.

Maintained elevated execution success rates while testing a variety of risk factors and algorithmic improvements

Alfred maintained strong Sharpe ratios indicating a low risk profile with a high success rate

Alfred Vs Major Indices

From 9/21/20—12/31/23

YTD Returns: Alfred Vs. Major Indices

Alfred has consistently exceeded the performance of major indices year on year

Note: Inclusive of days daily SPX contracts were not available.

Annual Success of Calculated Reference Points

From 5/14/07-12/31/23

An exit strategy moderates returns, but significantly decreases risk

Returns Per Year

Note: 2021 represents an anomalous spike in annual returns, but level of returns consistently increasing.

Live Execution Statistics

Note: Exit days represent days in which Alfred exited a losing position without taking a total loss.
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