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Alfred Explained

A cutting-edge algorithmic trading bot specializing in SPX daily options trading. Alfred precisely computes price ranges of SPX, strategically executing profitable trades through predictions of out -ofthe-money positions within a daily trading cycle.

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A state-of-the-art trading bot designed exclusively for daily SPX options trading. Alfred’s unique algorithm pinpoints precise price ranges of SPX that underpin the strategic execution of out of-the-money positions within each trading day. Alfred’s precision empowers us to seize opportunities across all market conditions.

Alfred's Profitability

From 9/21/20—9/1/23

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Since inception, 94% of Alfred’s trades have been profitable.

Maintained elevated execution success rates while testing a variety of risk factors and algorithmic improvements

Alfred maintained strong Sharpe ratios indicating a low risk profile with a high success rate

Alfred's Sharpe Ratios







Alfred generated high returns while efficiently managing risk, positioning us for continued success in the future

In 2022, our team tested a variety of risk thresholds, creating greater accuracy for our future investments

Our expertise and strong investment strategies, enabled us to outperform the market and deliver exceptional value to our investors

Alfred VS Major Indices (Monthly Returns)

From 9/21/20—9/1/23

Alfred has been mastering the art of managing all types of markets, yielding an impressive 2,514% return since inception on a modest $25,000 initial investment. With its ever-growing intelligence and expertise, Alfred is poised to continue its upward trajectory to drive returns while becoming smarter.

Exponential Returns on Compounding Investment


Annual Returns:


Success Of Alfred - Driven Reference Points

From 9/21/20—9/1/23

Prior to Alfred’s development, we conducted a 15-year back-test to validate the strategy’s strength. Even in its nascent stage, without further refinements, Alfred demonstrated a promising success rate, boasting an impressive 94% accuracy throughout this period. This solid foundation bolsters our confidence in the strategy’s inherent value and its promise to yield remarkable outcomes.
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