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Meet Scott, Founder & CEO

Scott, the founder and CEO of All American Group, brings a unique journey to the financial world. Holding a BS in Business Administration from Boston College with concentrations in Finance and Economics, and having risen to the rank of 2nd Grade Detective during his tenure with the NYPD, Scott’s path diverged when his fascination with trading took hold.

Trading became his passion, transforming a modest account into a remarkable success story – from 10k to 189k and later from 25k to 251k. In 2018, Scott and his team developed a proprietary SPX options algorithm, honing his expertise in the intricate world of financial markets.

However, Scott’s motivation extends beyond personal financial achievements. In 2023, he founded All American Group with a mission to share his knowledge and passion. His goal is clear: to empower individuals to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape, making financial security attainable for everyone. Join us at All American Group, and together, let’s embark on a journey to financial success.

Our Journey

In 2018, we began with a vision: to make elite trading strategies available to all. We noticed that the powerful tools used by big banks, hedge funds, institutional investors and high-frequency traders weren’t accessible to the average person. Determined to change this, we dedicated ourselves to creating a solution.

After years of meticulous research, by Fall 2023, we are releasing our groundbreaking algorithm. Our commitment ensures that expert trading is available and straightforward for everyone. With our tools, every trader can confidently step into the world of finance.

For the longest time, the world of trading has been dominated by large institutions. Advanced and effective trading strategies, which have been the secret weapons of these institutions and high-frequency traders, were nearly inaccessible to the individual trader. We observed this and felt a pressing need to offer these advanced trading tools to the masses and do so effectively.

Our solution isn’t just about leveling the playing field; it’s about making expert trading strategies understandable and actionable for everyone, ensuring ease of use without compromising efficacy.

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Our Mission

Our vision is simple: to change the world of trading, making it more equitable, and to empower every trader with strategies once available only to a select few. We aim to provide cutting-edge algorithms that unlock the potential for supplemental income, offering a brighter financial future for our users. We aren’t just about delivering tools; we aspire to transform lives, ensuring a high probability of success in every trade.

Values That Drive Us

In a world where authenticity often takes a back seat, we stand firm on our core principles:
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We believe in pure, unadulterated transparency in every action.

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Our word is our bond. When we promise, we deliver.

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Your faith in us is paramount, and we strive daily to be worthy of it.

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No hidden clauses, no fine print. Just clear, honest communication.

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Alfred in a Nutshell

Alfred’s strategy is simple.

React…Don’t Predict – Small, Consistent Gains Over Time

We are not out to hit home runs, but rather strive for base hits every day. These smaller wins over time, can add up to large gains. The swings of the market do not determine our success. Alfred is designed to make money in any market condition. This is why Alfred is an important addition to your current portfolio or strategy. Although it can be, Alfred is not meant to be a solo trading strategy, rather a supplement. How you use Alfred is up to you.

What We Offer

What sets us apart? It’s our approach. We aren’t here to sell you a dream; we’re here to build a relationship. With us, you’ll never feel like you’re in a transaction, but rather, a partnership built on mutual growth and respect.
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$ 399/Mo

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$ 479/Mo

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