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Options Trading Alerts

Trade Confidently with All American Group’s Algorithm-Powered Options Alert Service

Maximize your profits by taking advantage of emerging trading opportunities. With our algorithm-powered options alerts service, you will receive timely, data-driven insights about the market and alerts of changes in the trends. 

Our options trading alerts allow you to stay ahead of the market, reduce your risks, and maximize your gains. Take control of your financial future by making the most of the options market! Start your 14-day free trial today!

What Option Trading Alerts Can Do For You

Options trading alert services are real-time recommendations provided by algorithm-based strategies. These recommendations allow traders to make informed decisions, manage risk, reduce mistakes, and maximize profits. With it, traders can save time in preparing their trades and get real-time market information in terms of quantity and quality.
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Stay Informed

With the fast pace of financial markets, information is crucial in day trading securities, including SPX options. Options trading alerts can help you stay on top of real-time information and get important insights on changing market movements, emerging trading opportunities, and critical S&P 500 signals.
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Save Time

You can say goodbye to spending hours in front of your computer during and outside of trading hours. Option trading alerts give you timely notifications on changes in the market that require you to take corrective action for your position. With All American Group, you can focus on other things that matter to you without sacrificing your trades.
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Fewer Mistakes

Even when you have all the information you need, there is still a chance of making a mistake due to impulsive decisions. The data-driven approach of algorithm-based trading allows you to have the peace of mind to avoid making emotional decisions on your trade. As long as it is in line with what the algorithm indicates as the right strategy, you can rest assured and stay the course of your position.
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Maximize Profit

Option trading alerts allow you to maximize your profits from every trade you make. It notifies you of potential trading opportunities and emerging trends that you can take advantage of in real time. It also alerts you of any events that require you to change your position to minimize your losses.
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Confidence Boost

Day trading SPX options can be stressful even when you put in the work to prepare your trade. The data-driven approach of our algorithm-based trading strategy gives you the confidence you need that you are getting accurate and real-time information on the market. And, when any events require you to change your position, you will get notified by our options alert service.

Don’t Miss Out on

Trading Opportunities - Start Your 14-Day Free Trial!

Seize the chance to improve the consistency and winning rate of your trades with our algorithm-based SPX options trading strategy. Sign up today for your free trial and experience the power of data-driven trading. Take action and start maximizing your trades for more profit and consistency.

What You Need to Know About

Trading SPX Options

What are the Benefits of Trading SPX Options?

Trading SPX options offers the following benefits for your portfolio and overall day trading strategy:


SPX options come in a variety of contract terms. You can choose from AM- and PM-settled contracts and varying contract expiration dates, including standard, weekly, and month-end expirations. This gives you the flexibility you need to create a position that fits your trading strategy.

Global trading hours

SPX options trade during global trading hours (8:15 p.m. to 9:15 a.m. ET). This allows you to take advantage of market news that comes up before or after regular trading hours in the United States. It also lets you take advantage of the price movements of the S&P 500 index during global trading hours.

Low trading costs

SPX options cost around US$1. And, its contracts have a multiplier of 100, so commissions are relatively small for the overall exposure it gives to your capital.


SPX options track the performance of the S&P 500 index. This index consists of the 500 largest companies that are listed in the United States. With the number of stocks and industries involved in this index, events, and news involving a single stock or industry do not have a significant influence on the index’s performance.

Settled in cash

SPX options are settled in cash. You do not have to liquidate any shares or stocks that may decrease in value before you can sell them, which will eat up a part of your profits from options trading.

Tax benefits

A significant part of your revenue from SPX options trading is treated as long-term capital gains. Under section 1256 of the Tax Code, 60% of capital gains from trading exchange-traded options, including SPX options, are treated as long-term capital gains (15% tax rate).

How Volatile is the

SPX Options Market?

Since it tracks the performance of the S&P 500, you will have to look at the index’s volatility to determine the volatility of the SPX options market. Over the last 80 years, the S&P 500 index experienced an average volatility of 18%.

How Much is the Recommended Capital for

Starting SPX Options Trading?

Ideally, you should start with $10,000 as your capital for SPX options trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Options Trading Alerts

How are the algorithms behind the trading alerts designed?

Our algorithms are designed to provide consistent and high rates of profitability. We back-tested these algorithms before implementing them and, so far, they have had a 93 percent rate of profitability since its release in 2020.

Trading alerts are sent in real-time and near real-time when market events, trends, events, or trading opportunities arise.

There’s no need for special software to receive our trading alerts. You can receive notifications of our options alert service through email or SMS.

We aim to provide information in real-time or near real-time. You can expect to receive options trading alerts as they happen, so you have enough time to take the appropriate action for your position. However, delays may still occur due to your internet connection, email service provider, or chosen delivery method.

Our alerts notify you of the latest information that our algorithms have collected or analyzed. In this way, you can save time on your market analysis and react quickly to the changes in the market.

We have quick and easy guides available and a comprehensive FAQ section for using our service. We also offer customer support via email.

We are transparent with the fees for our subscription plans. You will have options trading alerts from our Alfred-Basic and Alfred-Premium plans.

Start Maximizing Your Profits with Our

Algorithm-Based Options Trading Alerts

Ready to start trading and maximizing your profits? Take advantage of our options alert service that comes with our algorithm-based SPX options trading strategy subscription. With All American Group, you can start trading with confidence while having more time for things that matter most. Start your 14-day free trial today!
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